Released: December 3, 2013

Our first tour was interesting. It was completely self booked, which meant a lot of the dates had pretty low attendance. The last night of the tour was our hometown show at a venue that is very special to us, where our first show took place, The Middle East in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It also happened to be Nick's birthday. The night before, we slept in the van in a parking lot in Buffalo, NY. Luke, our manager and Bruce's cousin, threw up in the van at about 4AM. We were dirty and tired. The van smelled terrible. Two bands dropped off the show at the last second. Nick broke a string one song in. Everything was seemingly against us, but we still had fun.

We're generally pretty awkward in front of cameras, but we hired Bootleg Boston to film and record the show so our fans overseas could still see and hear us play live. Only 100 DVDs were (hand) made.

Physical: DVD
Digital: Bandcamp